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Wij reageren altijd binnen 24 uur op werkdagen.

Wij reageren altijd binnen 24 uur op werkdagen.


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VoIP telefonie

Systemec VoIP bestaat uit Xelion VoIP, SIP trunks en optioneel Vast-op-mobiel (VaMo).

Nationale en internationale telefoonnummers

Geen PBX investeringen

Veel gratis functionaliteiten

Xelion VoIP

VoIP means Voice over IP and you are calling over an internet connection.

Calling over the internet offers the advantages that you, as an entrepreneur, are no longer bound to a location, are flexible in adding or removing users and can link the telephony to other applications. Some examples are desktop apps and file share apps.

Xelion VoIP is a VoIP Cloud solution, which is hosted in the Systemec datacenters.

The VoIP exchange offers a large number of functions, the most important of which are listed below.

Within the VoIP exchange, all users have their own internal number and these users can use the functionalities of the landline number on their smartphone by means of a Smartphone app.

Examples of this are: forwarding a landline to a mobile and dialing with the landline number on the mobile phone.

It is also possible to link different branches or locations.


SIP trunk

A SIP trunk is a conversation channel over a data connection. When using a physical or Cloud exchange, you always need a SIP trunk. The SIP trunk is linked to the telephone numbers on which you are calling.

Systemec supplies both Dutch and international telephone numbers and can bring them together in a single solution.

Systemec does not charge a monthly fee per SIP trunk, you only pay for the call taps and the registered telephone numbers.

Landline-to-mobile (VaMo)

VaMo integrates your smartphone at network level with your telephone exchange. In this way, every call is handled automatically via the telephone exchange. As a result, your smartphone has become part of the telephone exchange. You can be reached on a single telephone number, both for landlines and mobiles and with the option of dialing out via a single landline number.

Calls to your numbers (shortened, landline and mobile) are routed in the same way by the exchange. Forwarding to voicemail, department or reception applies to all numbers. Your landline and mobile phones will both ring when you make a call to one of your numbers.

If you wish to make certain private calls outside the exchange, this is of course also possible.

Systemec has its own mobile subscriptions for the use of all landline-to-mobile functionalities.
The T-Mobile network is used for this.


Development of functionalities Systemec VoIP

Landline+Mobile integration (VaMo)

Your mobile phone as a landline on the exchange and unlimited calls with your mobile within Europe. Just 2 possibilities of our new landline-mobile service. You will receive a SIM, which is linked to the Hosted Telephone Exchange. So you are always reachable via one number with the choice to dial out via one fixed number as well.

Multi Device

Simply call using your preferred device. This can be a fixed desk phone, a headset, PC, laptop and smartphone. In addition to VaMo, we offer an App as standard, with which you can also call via the smartphone.

Reports & Wallboard

With a wallboard it is possible to monitor in real time and at a glance whether the accessibility of your organization meets the set requirements.

Issues such as number of calls, missed calls, average duration, etc. are presented in real time on a wallboard (on a PC or on a screen on the wall).

In addition, automatic reports that show the reachability and calling behavior can easily be generated.

Automatic call recording

All telephone calls are automatically recorded and stored for 14 days by default. You can choose to keep the recording forever, delete it or make it accessible to colleagues. The advantage is that you do not have to think in advance about whether a call needs to be recorded. Oral appointments are saved.

Central address book

A complete and up-to-date central address book on all devices and for all users.

Including import of Outlook address data.

Select menu

‘Choose 1 for sales, 2 for support and 3 for all other questions.’

It's easy to create your own menus. You can place a different menu behind each phone number. A choice can even activate the next menu immediately.

Attendance list

In the Attendance List you can see exactly which colleagues are present, who is on the phone and who does not want to be disturbed. Each employee can also write a short message on the list, which will be displayed with his or her name in the list.

Waiting music

You can let callers hear a music or an informative (self-recorded) message when they are connected or on hold.

Day and night mode

A doctor's practice has consulting hours from 08.00 to 09.00 hours, visiting hours from 10.00 to 12.00 hours, lunch hours from 12.00 to 13.00 hours, lunch hours from 14.00 to 16.00 hours and closes at 18.00 hours. With the day and night mode, the answering machine is automatically switched on during the period that your company is unreachable by telephone.

Call groups

When someone calls the main number, the telephone rings at the operator's desk. If she is unable to pick up the phone within a certain period of time, the phone may ring to another. If that call is not picked up either, it can be forwarded. Phones within a group can also ring at the same time. If no one in the call group answers, an absence scenario can be triggered automatically.

Waiting queue

‘Please be patient for a moment. All our lines are busy'.

Callers can be queued automatically. You can see who is waiting and remove callers from the queue in the order you want.


Internal numbers are easily forwarded. Also to external (mobile) numbers. Wherever you are, you can always be reached!

Call report

When did you call that one customer again? The Call Records function gives you an immediate overview of all calls made to a relation. Telephone calls made by colleagues with the same relationship are visible if they have made them available to you.


Every user can leave their personal voicemail.

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Manager Internet Services


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Wij reageren altijd binnen 24 uur op werkdagen.

Wij reageren altijd binnen 24 uur op werkdagen.

Bereikbaar tussen 8:00 en 17:00 uur van maandag t/m vrijdag.

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